Workers’ Comp Injury

Workers’ Compensation Injury

If you are an injured employee, our office will not only assist you in injury recovery, but we will help educate you on how this system works. Riverside Chiropractic & Rehabilitation take the mystery and stress out of Worker’s Compensation so you can focus on getting well. We are fully staffed to communicate and cooperate with you, your attorney, your employer, and the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation.

If you are an employer: Riverside Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is ready, willing, and able to show you how to lower both medical costs and indemnity costs. We can show you how to integrate a quality Chiropractic program to reduce costs and improve release and return to work rates, saving you substantial amounts of money

The doctors of Riverside Chiropractic & Rehabilitation understand the importance return to work. Early release/return benefits the patient by facilitating their speedy recovery. Patients who return to their normal activities as soon as possible recover quicker than those who remain sedentary.

Early release/return benefits the employer by keeping indemnity costs lower. Many people are surprised to learn that indemnity costs actually exceed medical costs. Employers suffer economic loss related to disability pay, replacement worker costs, retraining, and loss productivity.

Our doctors work closely with employers to transition a patient back to full employment. Our office also offers job site analysis, back safety classes and pre-employment screenings to reduce employer costs and lower the potential for injury.

Should an Employee or Employer have anny questions regarding Workmans’ Compensation and Chiropractic Care with regard to Pennsylvania please feel free to contact us at 570-714-7070 or