Cold Laser Therapy: Why Dr. Michael J. Spiccioli incorporates this into his practice and what is it?

Cold Laser Therapy is a form of medical treatment which involves the use of a low intensity laser to address pain and inflammation.  Studies have shown that light of certain wavelengths can reduce pain and inflammation.

A number of terms are used to refer to cold laser therapy, including low level laser therapy and biostimulation.  In all cases, the technique involves exposing the skin to targeted laser beams for set periods of time and at set intervals.  The light in the laser stimulates damaged cells to promote healing and a reduction in inflammation and pain.  The “cold” refers not to the temperature of the laser, but to the fact that the laser is of low intensity, rather than high intensity lasers, which can burn the skin.

Doctors generally recommend cold laser therapy as part of an overall pain management program.  For people dealing with chronic pain, cold laser therapy is an option which can be used to reduce pain, while people with persistent inflammations may also benefit.  This therapy is also very effective in the treatment and management of carpal tunnel syndrome and disc herniations, as well as strain/sprains.  This therapy can be used in conjunction with ultrasound.